David Loughlin
David’s work as an Architect has earned him recognition both nationally and internationally. His commitment to design that leaves a positive legacy for future generations became the foundation for creating a signature experience, grounded in personal values and beliefs.
Brand Strategy
Discovery Workshop
Brand Essence
The discovery workshop provided us with the platform to create a compelling proposition. A dynamic & authentic brand system that embodies purpose, intent, vision, alignment and clarity.
The business cards extend the visual language into a tactile effect that embodies the principles of form and light with the way the embossed lines play with light to create the unique pattern.
Business Cards
Bespoke lookbooks are created to celebrate the completion of each client's uniquely sustainable home. Professionally shot images are laid into a hand sewn and bound book with white foiled cover. Each lookbook is truly treasured by the client as a reflection of the journey and also becomes a compelling promotional tool.
The lookbook harmoniously fuses together both the aesthetic beauty of David's architecture and also communicates how his ecological philosophy is specifically translated into each client's home, giving them a deeper appreciation for both the building and the environmentally-conscious methodology that informed it.
A cutting edge, full screen website for one of New Zealand’s leading sustainable Architects, designed to be responsive and instantly adapt for any media device.