Design focused
Strategy driven
Purpose inspired
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I have worked as a freelance consultant on some of the largest multinational companies operating in Australia, such as Officeworks, BHP Billiton, DHL and Monier.
Long White Cloud was born from
a very simple purpose – to give a damn.
From 2008, when we first opened the doors, our intention was to deliver authentic and meaningful brand experiences that go right to the heart and soul of your company. This ability has been forged on a career spanning over 17 years in the Creative Industry, working in London, Australia and New Zealand.
Why purpose?
Businesses succeed with their hearts
as much as their heads.

Purpose is the life force of any business. It is the energy that breathes life into what you do to manifest your vision as a reality. Many people do not understand their purpose - they know what they do, but they don’t know why they do it. Or they can’t articulate that purpose in a way that is meaningful to their customer community and the world.

"Understanding the core of what your business is about and extracting the essence of what you represent, to convey your uniqueness to your audience, is how I define my responsibility as a Creative Professional."

The challenge is not to just make things look good, but to solve your business problem. How to use Design & Strategy in meaningful ways, that differentiate a business with purpose, intent, vision, relevance and clarity.